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2018... Lets Do This!

Ok, so I know we are already a good 4 months into this year but hay better late than never right?! As parents, as mothers we always remember the big days; first word, first steps and the major milestones. Its the little everyday bits we forget about and I'll be honest because I know I do and take them for granted. These are the moment that make us and our children who we are. As Mothers we share so much together with our children. Why forget about the little bits? With this in mind, I recently purchased a journal from Amazon called Q&A a Day for Mothers. It’s a 5 year journal with 365 questions every year for 5 years! 

Anyway it got me thinking about setting some goals for the year. It’s always good to aim for better things and thought I would share them with you. So, here they are;

See more of my friends - Since having Maya I am so guilty of getting caught up in everyday life and generally forget I actually had friends and a social life before she came along! I have a good circle of friends just with motherhood, work and general day to day life you soon realise months have gone by without some girly chat. 

Take more photos - All of my photos at the moment are taking on my iPhone. Its been ideal up until now as its always with me, but dalm photos don't half take up some mass storage! I would love to invest in a digital camera soon but I'm so mind boggled with what to get, whats good for blogging and someone like me that generally doesn't have a clue! I want to focus more and more on my blog and of course Instagram plays a huge part of it too. I would love to learn more about photography and develop my skills.

Read more - I say 'read more' but honestly I don't read at all! Not unless its the Daily Mail online but I guess you cant really call that "reading"! Reading is something I really want to make an big effort with. I cant tell you the last book I read its that long ago! The nearest I come to reading a book these days is 'Each Peach Pear Plum' which is Maya's favourite! My evenings once Maya's gone to bed  consist of scrolling through social media... what a total waste of time! I want to get stuck into a good book. I want to have the time and the mind space to read it from start to finish. I have recently downloaded Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher on my iPad and I'm actually really enjoying it! This is huge for me believe me! 

Drink more water - I'm constantly being told by family members that I don't drink enough. Its not that I drink all fizzy drinks its just I generally don't drink enough! My days are usually made up of tea and coffee so ideally I'd like to cut these out during the day time and just focus on drinking water. Its also a lot healthier too. Maya is already struck on squash and has decided she doesn't like water so that's definitely something I want to nip in the bud. 

Say NO more - Not in a negative way but  I'm always saying yes to a lot of things then find I have double booked myself or I'm working. Guess I should probably start using a diary and it would be half the problem then. 

Plan to do more with Maya - One of my New Years resolutions was to get out and about with Maya a bit more. I told my we were going to start going to at least one Parent & Toddler group a week  At the beginning of the year 

And there it is... just a few small changes I want to make for he rest of the year. They're nothing major but things that matter to me. Small little life adjustments can make all the difference. 2017 seem to go like a flash for me but it did make me realise a lot. Even the little 'things' in life are important and we shouldn't just let them slide. I would love to know what your personal goals and changes are... !!

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