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A Whole New World...

Hey Mama's! OK so... I've been thinking of putting a blog together for a while now but things always came up and it got put to the back of the list! Anyway I've finally managed to schedule some "me time" in and here we are! I literally have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm pretty sure I'm the least 'bloggy tech' person ever but I've managed to set up a website all by myself so here goes...! I have an I.T GCSE so that should help though, right?!

For now all photos are taken on my iPhone but eventually I would like to invest in a bigger proper camera. Any recommendations with what to get would be greatly appreciated!

My blog is going to be all about exactly what is called.... Mama's Stylish life!

So, my little ratbag; Maya... she is a super happy toddler who has a very cheeky side. At present she is totally obsessed with Postman Pat, Frozen, Peppa Pig (what toddler isn't?!) and Mr Tumble! As soon as the weather starts to get its hat together I'm hoping to start her potty training! Some may find this is too early but for some time now Maya has suffered with sever constipation and I feel potty training will help. Please let me know yours thoughts and tips. I would love to know how others Mama's cracked it, how long it took and how the experiences went. 

And then there's me!... I currently work Part Time just 2 days a week as a Receptionist in a hotel. I love my food and love baking. I may not be amazing at it but I do 'try' to bake on a weekly basis but this doesn't always go to plan! My own personal interests are fashion and beauty. I naturally have curly hair and I haven't done my hair curly properly for years, since I was in school probably! It's now something I want to embrace and work with. If anyone has any tips for natural curly hair hacks then please throw them my way... I know it's going to take some time! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for taking the time to give it a read!

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