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Oh MacDonald Had a Farm....

Maya loves animals and going to the farm! I do try to go to our local farm at least once a month but I am aiming to go a lot more during summer... I have an annual pass so its silly not to use it!  

Maya absolutely loves Baa Lambs and Bunny Rabbits at the moment. She is hooked on Peter Rabbit and has a new found friend in her Jelly Cat RaRa (rabbit) it literally goes everywhere with her! When she loses it she shouts RaRa, RaRa and its the cutest thing ever! My parents took me to Folly Farm when it first opened in 1988 (I was 4 years old) so taking Maya seemed like the perfect day out. A lot has changed in 30 years and its no longer just a little farm! It literally has EVERYTHING! A Barn, a Zoo, a Fairground, an indoor Play Area, Restaurants and also holds Special Events! 

The grounds of the Farm were spotless and all the staff were so friendly. Maya walked the majority of the way around but I did wish we had taken the pram at times! Its all on the flat too so there was no difficult hilly parts. The grounds were also very well signposted and everything was within walking distance. Although there is a land train that goes around every hour I believe.  

The weather did manage to hold up for us but it did start to get cold towards the end of the day. Before we left to come home we had a pit stop in the onsite Cwtch Cafe and had a hot chocolate to warm up! It was term time when we went so it was so quiet. I can only imagine how busy it gets in the Summer.

I would without a doubt definitely recommend a visit to Folly Farm if your in the area or local to it. It took us around 2 hours to get there. To find out more info have a look at the Folly Farm website. 

Maya wasn't herself the day we went and decided she was going to cling to me all day! She did sleep all the way home though so I think it was probably a mixture of teething and tiredness. I wish I had managed to get more pictures of her during the day put she wasn't feeling it! 

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