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The Real Struggle With Fashion

Before having Maya I was really into my fashion, and I mean really into it! It seems I was born with expensive taste... (unfortunately for my Mum & Dad!)! I was always shopping, on the high street and online and loved a good bargain. I knew what I liked, what suited my petite frame and nine times out of ten I was able to look at something and know it would suit me. I knew my own style. 

Then Maya came along...
I remember sat on the bed a few weeks after Maya was born, crying thinking I had lost myself and didn't feel the fashion loving thirty-something women I once was. I didn't feel comfortable in anything and seemed to have lost all ability to shop. I had forgot how to dress myself and I always seemed to reach for the safe options over style. The majority of the time I was in jeans, a t-shirt and sandals. 

I have heard so many people say they have lost a bit of themselves after having a baby and that's exactly how I felt. I lost my style just like that, without evening noticing and my identity to go with it! It’s only now I can look back and say it took me a good year and a half to get back to feeling like me again. I got my fashion mojo back. Looking back at myself now I hid who I was because I didn't matter anymore and it wasn't about me. I had a newborn baby and my main priority was her and not what I was wearing. 

Surprisingly I went back to my normal pre-baby weight pretty much straight away (i know, i know... not what you want to hear) so finding my style again shouldn't of been a problem. Oh but how wrong was I?! Looking back now all I needed was a boost of confidence and to actually think about me. Yes, I was a Mum now but that doesn't change who I am or what I believed in. 

It was time to give no fucks. 

I have to say though, Instagram and so many amazing blogs have helped me to get back to where I once was. It has given me the confidence to wear things like I used too. I follow some amazing people from Mums to Fashion Influencers but they are all real and so inspiring. Real people, just like you and me who love fashion. So for me, it was a very happy ending and I managed to rekindle my love for fashion . The old me is back! 

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