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Why Taking Time Out Is OK

Who remember's 00's pop icon Daniel Powter?! Well you may not remember him but I know we've all been in his shoes and had a 'Bad Day'. I'm sure we're all guilty of turning the radio up screaming out the lyrics. We've all been there and unfortunately sometimes the system does go on a blink and the whole thing turns out wrong. Well, guess what?... You need a blue sky holiday. Ok maybe not right now but you do need to take a breather every now and again. Seriously, chill the hell out. 

I really should listen to my own advice sometimes...

We all seem to be going hundred miles an hour but the problem with that is, we soon start to lose sight of what's important and lose our heads a little bit! Now, whilst being a marta by constantly working and being the best you can be, you’re kind of holding yourself back. Your definitely not performing 100%. Let’s be honest here, you’re not Mary Poppins. Being a Mum is a full time job on its own so yeah I work every single day in my own right; Monday-Sunday 6am-11pm (ish). On top of that I also have a 'proper job' two days a week and then in between I work on my blog. It feels like a chore sometimes, but sitting down, getting my feelings out there and hitting publish on my blog posts feels like a weight of my shoulders and I can breath again. I've accomplished something for 'me'. But there are times when Maya doesn't sleep at night, she's ill or I'm ill and cracks will show. Stupid ridiculous things start to happen or not happen because I’m clearly not performing. There's times when I can’t sleep properly because no matter how shattered I am, I'm thinking of what we're doing the next day, agendas, meals, whats clothes need washing, the house needs hovering or don't forget to feed the rabbit. My brain is in constant overdrive and it hurts.

I think in modern society though we wear our hectic busy lives like our first expensive handbag or shoes and compare with another's whos the busiest. We tend to see others busy and think we should be busy too.We're all guilty of boasting about our busy diaries with kids parties, day trips, ballet classes, girls night, breakfast and coffee catch up. Busy = interesting... right? I have to disagree. To me it's like someone ordering a skinny latte with a fry up and counting that as being on a diet! News Flash! It doesn't work like that hun.

Don't get me wrong I'm not going to get all zoned out and tell you to start  attending your local yoga class to relax the mind or anything. Although it is about relaxation techniques to help improve energy and concentration. I'll leave that one with you. What I do want to say though, its ok to take your foot off the excelerator a bit, don't be afraid to relax. Chill out. No one will judge you. You are NOT being judged. Put your feet up, grab a magazine and have a cuppa. Got for a walk. Go to the cinema. Mute your phone. Watch some trash TV. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my go to - do not judge me. 

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