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Your Feed... Your Way! But Are We Obsessing Over Instagram?

Ok, so it's Friday night, I'm in bed at 8pm with the bubba next to me and all I find myself doing is scrolling through Instagram oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over little pictures. Let's be honest, that's all it is; images on a screen! It's not real, it's just very small pixels. Like the majority of people (ok I probably speak for myself on this one) but you must of guessed I'm not your average 'technical’ kinda gal. The majority of the time my pictures are out of focus, slightly blurry and always edited on my iPhone using PreviewIt’s a very scary thought but we live in a world full of judgment. Nine times out of ten, what we do will be posted on social media. We are all guilty of it, myself included but social media is for sharing. And what do they say... "sharing is caring". I can honestly hold my hands up and say that I over share. Pictures of the 'perfect' life all prepped with #lifegoals #hairgoals #mamagoals. Why do we share so much? Are we boasting? But I genuinely don’t we are. Is this just the world we live in now? Sharing our everyday life has become the norm. 

We’ve all become our own social media executives, marketing our lives in the ultimate filter, Clarendon. Seriously though, is there a line between taking something seriously and it being a serious obsession? We all love a good filter and a possible editing but when it goes to editing a photo for several minutes, to posting it, deleting it, to reposting it. Surely this isn't cool or healthy. 

So what we are all obsessing over is just square images on a phone. Say we delete our account from today then it will no longer exist. Did it really ever exist then? Yes self-promotion is vital for growing our blogs/businesses but remember to take a step back and disconnect from the bull shit of the Instagram world. Look at your life in the real world and not through a filter. 

If something/someone isn’t benefiting you then do you really need it in your life? Be the best that YOU can be, push yourself and live your life the way you want to. It's your reality. We are not made to like the same things, have the same opinions (we wouldn't be in the middle of Brexit if that was the case, but let's not go there!). I guess what I'm getting at it if you don’t like someone unfollow them. It really is that simple. 

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