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Madagascar The Musical, Wales Millenium Centre (We like to Move It, Move It!) | AD

Tuesday evening Mum, Maya and Myself were invited to the Press Night of Madagascar the Musical at the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff.


We arrived early-ish so we could get an opportunity to meet the Penguins (cast of the show). It is amazing how good their voices were, it felt like we were at home watching the movie!  

After meeting the Penguins, we headed for a drink prior to the show starting and met up with a few other blogger Mums and their girls. It was so nice seeing them all play together and see how excited they all were. 

The musical was fantastic! Maya & Mum absolutely loved it! It was so funny with plenty of adult-ish humour! The characters where hilarious. The dancing and singing was outstanding and got everyone up dancing along. 

The show lasted around 1 hour 40 minutes in total including intervals so it was an ideal time for little ones. Maya did actually fall asleep half way through but up until then she was loving it! It had been a long day for her. 

The musical is currently on its UK Tour and available to see at the Wales Millennium Centre up until Sunday 11th August. 

I did manage to do a little Q&A with Maya this morning about the show and this is what she had to say;

Mama - "So Maya, did you enjoy the show last night?"

Maya - "Madscar?"

Mama - "Yes, what was your favorite bit?"

Maya - "The donkey" (shes means Marty the Zebra!!)

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