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Dating! Is It All Just A Game?

My new found attitude to dating: if I want it, then go after it! Write that message... say something witty, give some banter! Chances are they don't reply, but I'm just putting it out there! I can't be bothered to sit round and wait for someone to message me first... hello, it is the 21st century! I'm not just going to wait until its "my turn" for someone to tell me they fancy me! 
So when the younger generation started singing the praises of  Bumble, (if you don't already know, it's a dating app that puts women in control by only allowing the woman to send the first message to a match)! I wasn't convinced, but after a while of using it, I was on a roll!.
And then there's Tinder ....



Oh hey there… RIGHT! (could you be MR RIGHT?!)

And that's it... over and over again, getting matches but strangely no one actually talks! Since I can remember it's been the 'thing 'for a guy to message first. Well helloooooo, this girl isn't going to wait!

And just like that, even after matching with your potential 'Mr Right' and receiving a message back, us women seem to be slow at replying. So many of us treat it as a gaming app. Its like Super Mario collecting stars... Swipe Right... Match! Swipe Right... Match! Swipe Right... Match! Yes! three in a row – bonus prize! 

So onto pictures.... The conversation starter!

Here's a few standard picture surnarios you tend to come across time and time again without fail....

Beach pics - You like the beach... you like the sun... tick!

Mountain pics - Well done, you've walked up a mountain.... you won't catch me doing that!

Dog pics - Awww cute but I do not swipe just because of your dog. 

Skiing pics - You must have money. Skiing trips don't come cheap. 

The Selfie - This seems to mandatory. Every single guy will have a selfie pic... or 2... or 3. 

Kid pics - Your flaunting your child, a child on a dating app?! It's a no from me! I'm all for men with kids but there is a time and place and a dating app is not it. 

Groups pics - So you don't actually have a clue which one you've just swiped for!

One pic - Sorry babes but I'm not swiping based on one picture, uh-uh!

I think it stands to reason that dating is just an single adults 'game' of Super Mario Kart! Saying that though, at least the women are in the driving seat with Bumble and rightfully so! 

Bumble was created by the former co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe. She left Tinder and launched a case against the company after a legal showdown of  alleged sexual harassment and discrimination

So it really is about empowering women. And on top of that can you believe it, she’s only 26!!!
Yes babes! Goals!

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