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What 2019 Taught Me....

  1. My child doesn't eat
  2. It’s okay if you haven't hoovered 
  3. Bath bombs are messy AF
  4. Three year olds DO NOT shut up.... EVER 
  5. Never wear white trainers in the rain
  6. Instagram is the fountain of all knowledge
  7. Not everyone is your best friend but who cares
  8. Maya was okay with Santa this year 
  9. The people you meet through Instagram are more supportive than people you actually know
  10. Working just two days a week can be very lonely 
  11. I bloody love an early nights and pyjamas in front of the TV
  12. Brexit is shocking
  13. The 'terrible twos' does not last forever 
  14. Your child is your style icon
  15. Buying clothes for your child is an addiction
  16. No one is winging single motherhood, its f*****g hard
  17.  The bins only get collected once a fortnight
  18. Hangovers are a big NO in your mid 30's
  19. Everyone has their problems
  20. Most people you meet are fighting a battle you know nothing about
  21. You don’t have to share everything on social media 
  22. Mummies bed is way better than Mayas bed
  23. I waste too much money in the £1 shop
  24. Finding something good in a charity shop is like finding gold
  25. Don't run up the stairs
  26. I spend too much time on my phone
  27. Having your wrist in a cast is bloody annoying
  28. I will never have a bath alone again thanks to Maya
  29. Toddlers feet grow stupidly quick
  30. Growing your instagram following is not an overnight thing

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