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Am I Sharing Too Much Online?

The ups and downs of sharing your life online…

Sharing your life, your highs and lows on the world wide web is such a controversial topic. Especially when it involves children! Some would say you should be a lot more vigilant over what you share on the internet, which I completely understand to a certain extent. However, at the same time, and I think you'll agree, that life is too short and children grow up way to quickly. Surely it's not going to affect my child in anyway if I share a few videos of her right? Moving away from children, as a person social media can have a big negative impact on us. Most of the time it’s not even about the dangers of social media, but it’s more about the arsehole loosers that think they have the right to judge everyone else. In particular, Instagram has become such a special place for me. Yes, it can be shitty with the whole very confusing algorithm thing and engagement can be so shocking at times. You could say I share a lot of my life on my stories; personal things, Maya spam and the occasional food selfie, but that's our everyday life!
Instagram has definitely become a place where I interact with other women my age as well as other mums, local mums and single mums on a daily basis. It’s become so special to me as parents we don't get out much as we used to and there are times where it can feel lonely. I guess a lot of parents can feel this way when maybe they don’t have a huge group of Mama friends or kids classes to attend. I’m sure if you’re a Mum or not you also find social media helpful in one way or another.
It's definitely also about knowing what to post and how much. Out of your whole day, Instagram stories are a short 15 seconds! I share what I want to on there, cooking videos, funny videos of Maya, or a quick chit chat from me to show you some blogger mail I’ve had. What you most definitely dont or wont see is me spending 95% of my day cooking, cleaning and washing. There are A LOT of people that think that just from watching a 15 second video means they know everything about your you, but seriously that it really isn’t the case at all. Of course, I'll hold my hands up and say I do share quite a bit on social media, but then looking at the bigger picture and compare it to how much I don’t or feel the need to share.... it’s nothing!

With all this in mind, you should also be mindful to not share personal details online, i.e phone number, your address or the area you live because there are some weird people out there. 

Social media is part of life these days and that the world we now live in. If you want to share your little ones for others to enjoy, then go for it. Maya sits there for ages watching the little clips I take of her. We also love watching other kids on Instagram. For me it’s lovely to see them all growing up even though we don’t know each other in real life! 
I know so many people that have made strong friendships through social media and this has such a positive impact. I love getting to chat to so many lovely ladies. There really is a lovely community of people out there and don't forget that.
So what are your thoughts on social media? Do you overshare? Do you agree with sharing on social media?

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