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Mama's Stylish Life - a lifestyle, parenting and fashion blog, written through the eyes of a modern thirty-something Mama, for the thirty-something Mama, by South Wales-based Mama/Blogger Sarah Milne

 From One Mama to Another....

Mama's Stylish Life started as an online personal diary capturing memories. Here you will find, you guessed it Mama life along with lifestyle, fashion and some little bits in-between! What you definitely will find here is, honesty! Mama-hood is the best feeling! It was however, a game changer when Maya was born in 2016. She has grown into the most loving, caring little ratbag and so funny. Being a parent is so rewarding but being honest about it is important! It really is the hardest and most challenging job ever! Every day is completely different! Without a doubt I am starting to get my fair share of stressful days! 

Aside from being Mama, my second love is FASHION! Who doesn't enjoy the feeling and confidence new shoes or a new bag gives you right?! Ok, I understand that not everyone feels like this and call me crazy if you want, but I absolutely love it! My love for fashion really is the confidence it gives women and the way clothing can transform you. 

I am always looking for new trends and brands, I spend my evenings browsing through magazines, blogs, articles and Instagram looking for the latest 'whats hot' and 'what's not'! I have however learnt through the years to just do you and wear what 'YOU' want and what 'YOU' feel comfortable in. 

'You Do You Hun' 

I am currently studying a Fashion Design Diploma with New Skills Academy as featured in Vogue Magazine, The Guardian and on the BBC. I also hold a NVQ in Business Administration and Customer Service. Along the Fashion Design Diploma I am also studying an Access Module; People, Work & Society with the Open University towards a BA (Honours) in Business Management (Marketing). I currently also work part-time (2 days) in a local 5* hotel. 

With this is mind I am hoping it will help to get me started in the right direction. I am always open to collaborations and working with brands. If this is something you are interested in, please say hi or drop me an email. 

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